Impressive career

Chhagan Bhujbal’s political career has been impressive. A fighter, Chhagan Bhujbal showed singular aggression, hogging limelight and headlines, against the entire ruling benches as a lone Shiv Sena legislator all of the five years from 1985. That laid the basis for the party’s enthusiasm to contest and win 52 seats in 1990. That convinced the Sena that it could be in legislative politics, outside of just civic politics of Mumbai and Thane. 61-year-old Bhujbal was the Deputy Chief Minister in the first Congress-NCP government sworn-in in 1999.

Chhagan Bhujbal (born October 15, 1947) is a politician from the state of Maharashtra, India. Chhagan Bhujbal is one of the leaders of the Nationalist Congress Party, and is currently the Public Works Minister of Maharashtra and going to be Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra for the second time.

It is not difficult to get a fix on the real Chhagan Bhujbal. Bhujbal is the fiery orator, barely audible in one-to-one conversations, the grassroots leader, powerful deputy chief minister, the loyalist, the opportunist, the rabble-rouser, the peacemaker. Or he is all of these depending on the situation. All these qualities make him the real public leader. He leads from the front not only the Marathi’s but also The OBC’s.

Bhujbal adapts, accepts, and assimilates. That is why he is still in circulation while some of his contemporaries in the Shiv Sena, where he started his political journey more than 39 years ago, have faded away.

A True Leader

Bhujbal, who has emerged as a key leader of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in Maharashtra. He has raised voice against the Assaults on Biharis in Maharashtra and Uttar Bhartiya. Assaults on Biharis in Maharashtra on the issue of their recruitment to Railways is totally wrong and people, while agitating, should express their views peacefully, Mr. Chhagan Bhujbal said.

In the mean time of Telgi Scam, he did not lose his peace, as he knew the truth surely come in front real judges (public). Nothing was proved. The Investigating Team said that there was no evidence against him and the Political parties targeted him.

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Impressive career

A True Leader

Chhagan Bhujbal

Nationalist Congress Party


chhgan021Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Chief Sharad Pawar named Bhujbal for the post on Dec.5, 2008. Bhujbal, who holds the public works department portfolio, will now oversee the crucial home department. His appointment comes five days after R.R. Patil resigned as deputy chief minister, owning moral responsibility for last week’s terror attacks in Mumbai, which left 172 people dead.

Prominent educationist and thought leader

A qualified mechanical/ electrical engineer whose political and social career spans four decades during which he has held number of high ranking civic and political posts such as the Mayor of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation as well as Deputy Chief Minister of the Govt. of Maharashtra. His passion for nation building has impelled him to set up the MET League of Colleges. Presently, Mr. Bhujbal is a senior Cabinet Minister in the Govt. of Maharashtra.

With the keen interest in education he created a world class Management Institute, called as ‘Mumbai Educational Trust’.which is now 15 years old and has tie-up with prestigous world institutions.

Political history

Born In the year 1947, October 15th Chhagan Bhujbal started his political career with Shiv Sena. Chhagan Bhujbal was instrumental for taking Shiv-sena to rural Maharashtra in late eighties. Single handadly he toured Maharashtra, campaigned for Sena, but at the end was humiliated by Bal Thakray, left the party to join Congress. He was given the Revenue Department in Naik’s ministry and protection along with. He took over as Minister of housing in Mr. Sharad Pawar’s cabinet. A great orator, keen for aesthetics, art-lover and a great human being will be known in the history of Maharashtra.

61-year-old Bhujbal was the Deputy Chief Minister in the first Congress-NCP government sworn-in in 1999 but had to quit after a controversy. He resigned that post following an attack on ZEE office by his followers. He was targeted by his own party men with the allegations of involvement in the multi-million-rupee Telgi scam. Nothing was proved. The police officers investigating the scam got plum postings after the resignation of Mr. Bhujbal.

Because of good image among the public, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Chhagan Bhujbal was on Friday appointed again Maharashtra’s deputy chief minister, the party’s state president Arun Gujarathi said.

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Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Deputy Chief Minister
Political history
Political Career

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